About Us

We are a Private School owned and managed by Paradigm Education Centre. The school is built within a secure GATED development with controlled boom entrance and 24hours security. The entrance to the school could be accessed through Marks Gate Close off Stonebridge Drive Phoenix or through the Mount Zion Estate.
The school has full camera system including intercoms for the security of our learners. We are currently enrolling prospective learners, while set up and completion of certain sections are being finalized.
The school will officially kick off in 2020 enrolling Learners from Creche to Grade 8 and in 2021 the school will cater up to Grade 12.


Our Curriculum

Our curriculum for Grade 3 – Grade 12 is SwitchedOn Education, which is a global, digitized system. SwitchedOn Education is a first world produced curriculum and assessment system with local content, and is recognized locally and globally, giving our learners a greater opportunity if they decide to continue their education overseas in the future
All work done by the learner is supervised and monitored by the local teacher. Ongoing monitoring and evaluation is also done by the SwitchedOn team in South Africa and the quality assurance unit based in London, UK. Learner assignments and assessments are automatically scored and feedback is immediate.
Each learner has a personalized, workstation with a computer and headphones which simulates a work environment.
Once a learner is on the system for a period of 3 – 6 months, SwitchedOn Education may give parents access, so as to monitor their child’s progress by logging into the system and viewing their marks/work.
The learner can work from home in the event of absence or on holiday, if the teacher releases the required work and the required assignments will still be monitored remotely
As much as all studies are done individually and online, the school applies a blended learning approach. To facilitate this there are separate specialist classrooms set up for subjects like Maths, English, Writing & Art. For example, a learner would spend a period in a specialist classroom with a Teacher group teaching Maths, then do another period on the computer.

What We Offer

Primary Block

  • Creche

  • Grades RR to Grade 2

  • Live In – House Mother – to take care of aftercare

Secondary Block

  • Lecture Halls
  • Grade 3 to Grade 12
  • Library
  • Sick Room
  • School Hall
  • Cafeteria


  • Tennis Court
  • VolleyBall Court
  • BasketBall Courts
  • Soccer field
  • Karate - Sensei Cody

Contact Us

Marksgate Close (off Stonebridge Drive)
Mt Zion Eco Estate

+27 31 530 7820